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The word Doula comes from the Ancient Greeks where it described a female servant or slave entrusted the role of delivering babies for their mistresses.  A birth Doula is now recognised as someone who provides support and continuous care to women and their families in the lead up to, and during, the birth of their baby.


The primary goal of a Doula is to make sure that the mother feels safe, informed, respected and is comfortable in her birthing situation.  A Doula will complement the role of midwives and doctors who are there to ensure a safe delivery for mother and child. Doulas have no clinical role or part in medical decision making.


There is clinical evidence to show that women who employ a Doula experience improved birth outcomes including shorter delivery times, fewer caesarean sections, fewer medical complications.  Doula assisted births have been documented to use fewer foetal extraction tools with babies spending less time in neonatal intensive care units.  The presence of a doula during childbirth has also been shown to have positive psychological benefits for mothers who often have a more satisfying birth experience and increased rates of successful breastfeeding.  These benefits are commonly thought to be associated with the continuous care and support that a Doula provides.


As a birth Doula I cover Brighton, East Sussex and London (travel time permitting).





Our birth Doula package consists of:



  • An initial meeting to get to know each other and make sure we are a good fit - so to speak.

  • Two visits prior to the birth of your baby.  These visits are as long as they need to be and will cover pretty much anything the mother and her birth partner (if she has one) want to discuss.  We will also cover, in depth, your wishes and needs, hopes and fears, the writing of your birth preferences with different outcomes to cover different scenarios, general information and practical advice.

  • Continuous Telephone/Skype/FaceTime and Email support for the entire pregnancy until 6 weeks after your baby has been born

  • On 24/7 call from 38 weeks and a commitment to be no further than an hour away anytime during this period.  These times may vary if you live in london.

  • Two postnatal visits providing settling in and breastfeeding support

  • Use of inflatable birthing pool


                                         Package Cost:  £995.00



                             Postnatal Doula


A postnatal Doula will:


  • Support the choices of the new mother

  • Help the new mother make the most of and enjoy the postnatal period

  • Listen not judge

  • Help with practical tasks according to the mothers' needs

  • Support the idea that mothers have the answers, encouraging confidence in her own mothering

  • Help create a relaxing and calm environment so that the family can have the time and energy to            enjoy their new baby



Provide evidence-based information and support on such things as:


  • Infant feeding,

  • Emotional and physical recovery from birth

  • Mother and baby bonding and attachment

  • Basic newborn care

  • Understanding your babies' behaviour and recognising cues


Package Cost:  £200.00

(Please See Booking Page for more options) 



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Hypnobirthing, Birth & Postnatal Doula Services contact Kim: 07812 049596


Postnatal Breastfeeding  Support contact Tansy: 07762 611109